Top Ten Things to do in Copenhagen

Copenhagen travel blog

Copenhagen: The city of bicycles, canals and stylish design, often considered the happiest place on Earth.

Copenhagen offers heaps to do from scenic walks and foodie paradise to outdoor sports and rollercoasters.

But the best thing about the Danish capital is its laid back atmosphere and modern, sustainable approach.

The harbour is so clean, you can swim in it and every cafe is oozing with urban chic design.

Picture Perfect Nyhavn

Wondering where to find that photo of Copenhagen – the one in every travel guide and at the top of every highlight reel? Here be the place!

Nyhavn is Copenhagen’s famous waterfront district, complete with traditional townhouses splashed with terracotta, yellows and blues.

Copenhagen harbour and colourful buildings

Pretty Buildings in Copenhagen
Canals at Nyhavn Copenhagen

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Simply arriving feels like a massive tick off your bucket list, with plenty of quirky boats and buildings to feed your wanderlust.

There are some fantastic brunch spots in the side streets and scenic walkways by the harbour.

Ride one of Europe’s oldest roller coasters at Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Gardens is a must-see for anybody visiting Copenhagen for the first time.

Situated opposite the city’s central station, this magical funland really took my by surprise when planning my trip.

Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen Amusement Park

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Dating back to 1843, the theme park is a national treasure and is home to one of the oldest roller coasters in Europe.

Travel Tip: Tivoli Gardens is open during set periods of the year so check the website before fixing your holiday dates.

Brownies and Beer at Free Town Christiania

Who knew about Copenhagen’s quirky hippie district? Not me I say.

Known locally as Free Town, Christiania is an anarchistic community with an open cannabis trade, just a short bike ride away from the city centre.

Christiania Town Copenhagen
Christiania Town Copenhagen

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The former military base sat abandoned for years before a group of squatters broke in during the 70s.

You can now find self-built wooden houses, gardens and stables within the autonomous district as well as pubs, food stalls and stands selling brownies and the like…

Kayak the Nyhavn River

Copenhagen is famous for its beautiful canals and architecture, so what better way to discover the city than from its waterways?

You’ll find plenty of kayak rental services dotted along the canals offering full day and hourly hire.

Kayaking in Copenhagen

Awesome Kayak Bar Copenhagen
Kayaking in Copenhagen

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Many have their own waterfront bars that stay open into the night, decorated with wooden trellises and fairy lights ❤️

Spend a guilt free evening devouring pizza and beer on astro turf jetties after a day on the river.

Travel Tip: Many kayak rental services close during the winter so plan and book ahead

Cycle the City

Another great way to discover Copenhagen is by pedalling your way through it!

The city’s expansive cycle network is easy to navigate and pretty much everything worth seeing is accessible by bicycle.

Cycling can be quicker and easier than public transport, with plenty of bike hiring stations at an affordable rate!

Cycling in Copenhagen

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Cycle to Jægersborggade, dubbed Copenhagen’s most hipster street, or to the Meatpacking district – another hipster hangout.

Or why not cycle to see the famous Little Mermaid sculpture at Langelinje Pier.

The bronze statue was inspired by HC Andersen’s fairytale of a mermaid who sacrificed everything to be with her prince on land.

Taste Foodie Heaven at Torvehallerne Market

Torvehallerne Market is a food lover’s paradise, set to send your tastebuds into a spin.

Everything is on offer, from fresh fish and veggies and ready-to-eat treats to fine wine and restaurant dining.

Torvehallerne Food Market Copenhagen
Torvehallerne Food Market Copenhagen

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The covered marketplace is situated in the city centre near popular Nørreport Street. It’s well located for a midday stop off while exploring the city.

Picnic at Rosenborg Castle

Of all Copenhagen’s historic monuments, Rosenborg Castle is my favourite and, in my opinion, the prettiest.

The Renaissance castle is home to Denmark’s crown jewels, coronation chairs and crowns. But it’s also a spectacular sight from the outside, where you can admire for free while strolling through the King’s Garden.

Rosenborg Castle Copenhagen
Rosenborg Castle Copenhagen

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The royal park is the perfect spot for a summer’s day picnic – or a winter warm up. Simply select a bench and take out your flask and blanket!

Climb the tower at Christiansborg Palace

Christiansborg Palace Tower is Copenhagen’s tallest tower, standing at 106 metres, and is free to visit.

Gaze across the rooftops of Copenhagen from its peak where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the city and dine at the tower’s restaurant.

View from Christiansborg Tower Copenhagen
View from Christiansborg Tower

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The palace was once home to kings and queens but is now a government building in central Copenhagen.

Watch the Sunset at Øresund Bridge

Enjoy the sunset at Øresund Bridge with a few beers and snacks in hand. But bring that blanket – things can get very chilly!

Watch the magnificent structure fall into the shadows, with the Swedish coastline glistening in the distance.

Oresund Bridge at sunset Copenhagen
Oresund Bridge at sunset

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The railway and motorway crossing stretches across the Öresund strait, connecting Denmark with Sweden.

Visit Awesome Museums

Okay I may be giving two for the price of one here for my final top tip in Copenhagen… is that within the rules?

Copenhagen’s Nationalmuseet is Denmark’s largest museum of cultural history, which guides you through centuries of Danish and foreign culture.

Copenhagen National Museet
Copenhagen National Museet

If you are pressed on time then it’s the one to visit, located just a stone’s through away from the city centre.

While if you have more time to spare and fancy something different, Copenhagen’s Viking Ship Museum is another top choice and pretty much does what it says on the tin.

The museum is entirely dedicated to Viking ships, awesome! It’s niche and we like it ❤

Viking Ship Museum Copenhagen
The Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, Denmark. Photo: Werner Karrasch

So that concludes my top ten – and a bit – things to do on your weekend break to Copenhagen.

Happy travelling and thanks for stopping by!

Laura x




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