Best Safari in Namibia – Etosha National Park

Giraffes at Etosha National Park best Namibian safari

Namibia’s best safari destination is without doubt Etosha National Park which I also place among my top three African safari trips.

Etosha National Park is Namibia’s preferred safari for its accessibility and dry pastel landscapes.

There is a huge novelty to witnessing the magnificent wildlife that survives this baron land ❤ #desertofAfrica

Unlike other African safari destinations, you’ll find plenty of couples and families driving around the Namibian desert in shiny white 4X4s available to rent for self-guided adventure.

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There are even jeeps that come with specially designed roof tents – yes tents on the roof which fold out at night – and kitchen compartments built into the sides of the vehicle.

I found myself daydreaming of a future family life driving around the flatlands in one of these babies and camping under the stars ❤

Etosha National Park is certainly not free of bumpy roads and I would not recommend a self-guided safari in anything other than an off-road vehicle.

Namibian safari Etosha

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But the park is set out in such a way that it would appear safer and more accessible than others, lending itself to self-led trips. Guided safaris and group trips are also available. 

Want more photos? Namibian safari photo album coming soon.

The Best Thing about Etosha National Park

Zebras drinking from the watering hole in Etosha National Park, Namibia
Zebras drinking from the watering hole in Etosha National Park, Namibia

Tip: Do not, I repeat do not leave Etosha National Park without visiting the Okaukuejo Camp watering hole at night.

During my two-day safari exploring this magnificent African desert, we stayed at Okaukuejo Camp highly recommended for its 24-hour wildlife viewing platform.

Check out the video, coming soon 

Lions in Etosha National Park Namibian safari
Lioness Etosha National Park

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Okaukuejo Camp is one of a handful of campsites set within Etosha National Park but is the only resort I am aware of that offers such an experience.

Bring your flask and sleeping bag and spend the night at the viewing platform watching animals come to drink at the watering hole by night.

In the six hours I spent sat on the stone steps, with my camera and tripod at the ready until 3am, we saw three white rhinos, a hyena and a huge herd of elephants coming to drink. My friend, who stayed until 5am, even saw a leopard wander on through.

Watering hole Etosha National Park Namibia
Elephants coming to drink from the watering hole at night, Etosha National Park

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It was incredible hearing the trumpeting of the alpha elephants announcing their arrival before these beautiful beasts appeared – and when they did, they just kept coming and coming.

Dozens of elephants emerged from the darkness of the bush one by one, little ones first, circling the watering hole in single file before dipping their trunks in and bathing themselves under the night’s sky.

You hear them, you see them, gone. Magic.

Definitely one of my all time favourite travel moments.

Etosha National Park Namibia
Etosha National Park Namibia

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If you are planning a safari in Namibia, start your research by checking out Etosha National Park.

I can not recommend it enough as a beautiful, unique desert safari experience.

Until next time,

Laura Wanderland X

Namibian desert mirage photos

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