A Hikers’ Guide to Chimanimani, Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe’s Chimanimani mountains are often referred to as the ultimate hikers’ paradise – spot on I say!

Chimanimani, the hikers’ paradise of Zimbabwe, is full of seemingly infinite peaks with an eclectic atmosphere which makes for a wondrous botanical Wanderland.

The Chimanimani mountains are adorned with delicate waterfalls, craggy cliffs and lush green hills which you can explore with local guides or independently for the ultimate adventure.

Entrance to the national park costs $10 per person and group transport costs approximately $60 per three passengers from Chimanimani village.

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What does it look like at the top of the mountains?
Meadows at the peak of Chimanimani Mountains
Chimanimani Mountains Zimbabwe
We made it! Team Hiking at the top of Greenmount in Chimanimani
Mountain hikes Chimanimani
Our descent from the top of the mountains

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We were offered the help of expert guides for $50 per three people.

But instead, we opted to explore the surrounding area of our campsite independently and for free – bonus. I was in the mood for total adventure and that we certainly got!

Albeit outside of the national park, Greenmount did not disappoint and made for the ultimate hiking adventure.

With its steep slopes, rocky cliffs and deep gorges we reached the top with a true sense of achievement.

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Chimanimani mountain hikes Zimbabwe
Taking in the views at the top of Greenmount, Chimanimani, Zimbabwe
Beautiful views in Chimanimani Zimbabwe
Beautiful spots in Chimanimani Zimbabwe
After the March cyclone in Chimanimani Zimbabwe
Destruction caused by the cyclone

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The hike was made more challenging after the devastating cyclone which tore through Chimanimani in March 2019.

It was an emotional experience walking its path of destruction as we looked out for loose ground and dodged falling rocks.

For the less experienced hiker, there are also well used trails to the top of Greenmount which can be joined at Chimanimani village.

Hiking routes in Chimanimani Zimbabwe
Hiking in Chimanimani

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For a full day hike, climb Greenmount in the morning and continue through to Bridal Veil Falls which is just 5km from the village.

The waterfall lies within the national park so have your $10 ready at the gate.

We picked up some bread and veggies from the village and picnicked by the falls before jumping in for a quick swim in the freezing water.

There are also good climbing trees and vines which are fun to play on.

Chimanimani waterfalls
Taking a dip at Bridal Veil Falls, Chimanimani, Zimbabwe

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Chimanimani remains accessible and full of beautiful landscapes.

Although many common hiking trails and roads have been blocked or altered and many towns and villages left devastated.

Just plan ahead and don’t be afraid to ask locals and staff at your hotel, lodge or campsite for tips and advice.

Laura x

Best hiking routes in Chimanimani
Hiking in Chimanimani, Zimbabwe

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