Lake Malawi Africa’s hidden gem

Lake Malawi’s Kande Beach was the talk of the overland truck as we veered past its glittering coastline.

Lake Malawi, the world’s fourth largest freshwater lake, is surrounded by mountains and sandy banks. Anticipation filled the air as we were told of its magical sunrises, palm tree hammocks and bareback horse riding.

The calm atmosphere and pastel pink skies of Lake Malawi make it the perfect spot for some good R&R.

Despite it being a landlocked country, its beaches are awesome and make tough competition for its more famous neighbour, Zanzibar.

Beautiful Lake Malawi
The ultimate stay at Lake Malawi

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We set up our tents at Kande Beach Camp, just metres from the shore.

The site is a campers’ paradise with plenty of comfy sofas, hammocks and shaded beach bars where we spent the morning playing board games.

Lake Malawi beach

Lake Malawi beach

Kande Beach Lake Malawi
Kande Beach Lake Malawi

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Adventurers travel to Kande Beach for the ultimate horse riding experience.

Gallop across golden sands before riding bareback into the iconic Lake Malawi, until the water reaches your waist.

It’s an incredible feeling to sit aboard your horse immersed in water as you look out to the horizon at sunset. So saddle up, sit up and enjoy the ride.

Lake Malawi beach

Lake Malawi bareback horse riding
Bareback horse riding at Lake Malawi

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After waking up early to catch the sunrise, I enjoyed a morning stroll along the shore walking hand in hand with friends.

We stumbled upon traditional beach huts and fishermen preparing their nets alongside wooden boats.

You can also go paddle boarding in the lake or venture into nearby villages and explore.

Kande Beach Lake Malawi

Lake Malawi beach
Kande Beach Lake Malawi

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Malawi is known as the warm heart of Africa and is one of the poorest countries on the continent. But its people, of Bantu origin, are some of the friendliest you will meet.

Locals seem to show a genuine interest in tourists and have a very helpful demeanour, offering guided tours, craft workshops and word carving lessons.

I felt perfectly comfortable strolling along the beach in the daytime where villagers would often run up to us just to strike up a conversation.

On our final day, we were invited to join in a football match before returning to the campsite at sunset for a delicious hog roast.

Villagers Kande Beach Lake Malawi
Playing football with the locals at Kande Beach Lake Malawi

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We purchased a pig from the village butcher who we hired to slow cook it on a spitfire.

The pork was then served with coleslaw and jacket potatoes which we had wrapped in tin foil and tossed onto the flames to cook.

The perfect end to the perfect chill day. Visit Lake Malawi! Go, go, go. You won’t regret it ❤

Laura x