About me

Zimbabwe Victoria Falls

Hi there, in case you haven’t yet spotted, I’m Laura and I’m a hopeless wanderer.

When writing this piece, I could not help but intermittently hum to myself the chorus from ‘Hopeless Wanderer’ by Mumford and sons.  If blogs had theme tunes, this one would be mine.  Hold me fast cos I’m a Hopeless Wanderer!

Hold me fast

With its frantic rhythm and bouncing banjo accompaniment, it pretty much sums up my way of travelling; fast, constant and exciting.

About me

Thanks for dropping by, it’s great to have you here!

A bit about me – I’m a modern languages grad and culture fiend with a love of adventure travel, the beautiful outdoors, good people and good music.

And one of my main ambitions is to see as much of the remarkable world we live in as possible.


If you were to ask me the best way to get to know a new place, it would be on foot – all day long.

I get a real buzz when I discover a new place off the beaten track and here’s where I get to share them with you.

If your idea of travel heaven is wandering the back streets, eating with locals, being surrounded by nature and releasing your inner wild child then good news – that’s my kinda travel! And you have come to the right place my friends.

Sunset 2

I love to test my limits and take things an extra step further – whether that be through the destination I chose or what U do once I’m there – to make each trip feel that little bit more personal to me.

I’m one to scramble around with a camera around my neck and a notebook at the ready and I’m really looking forward to pulling all these wonderful memories together, here in one place!

Welcome to Myanmar

Feel free to take a look around. While there is not much here at the moment, rest assured it will be filling up with all the good stuff from my adventures over the last six years so it may be worth dropping by again some time.

I’d also love to hear about your adventure stories so please share and let me know how you roll on the road.

Wanderer 2

Welcome to my Wanderland

Laura x

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