Astorga – a slice of northern Spain

Astorga is a great place to tag onto a trip in northern Spain, albeit not quite large enough to satisfy my wanderlust as a destination in its own right.

But that does not take away from the good things it has going on – it may be small but it’s packed with charm.

Astorga is less than an hours’ drive from León, by car or bus, and parking is plentiful.

Founded by the Romans in the 1st century BC, the city offers more than 2,000 years of history.

It is most famous for its ancient Roman walls which add character to an already interesting place.

Gaudi II
Gaudí – Episcopal Palace, Astorga Spain

Inside the Episcopal Palace

Palacio Ep
Episcopal Palace grounds, Astorga Spain

The highlight of Astorga for me was Gaudí’s palace, where I spent hours marvelling at the beautiful architecture both inside and out. Isn’t Gaudí awesome?

Entry into the Episcopal Palace costs just €2.50 and once inside, the stone walls offer the perfect respite from the blazing Spanish summer sun – or the rain if you’re planning a winter trip. Yep, it rains in northern Spain. Quite a lot actually.

Gaudí’s ceiling design at Episcopal Palace

Inside the palace no cop

The palace is spread across three floors, accessible via a spiral turret staircase, and the beautiful ceiling designs give a magical feel to the building throughout.

The main square in Astorga Spain

The plaza mayor – or main square – is the perfect spot to grab lunch before you wander over to Astorga Cathedral which seems far too magnificent for such a small town. See – rain… in Spain.

This photo was taken after a flash shower, when I had to duck under the arches with my rum n’ raisin ice-cream and wait for the downpour to pass.

Astorga cathedral, northern Spain

Moments later, these blue skies happened!

All of the main sites in Astorga can be reached within minutes by foot so it’s perfect to see within one day.

So if you’re planning a road trip or a holiday to a neighbouring part of Spain, remember Astorga – and check it out! Xx

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