When I quit my job

I only went and did it!

This time last year, I quit my office job to pursue a writing career, which seemed crazy at the time given I was excelling in the property industry and had a grand total of three blog posts #doingitmyway
Yes, it was a bold move but it was also one that tantalised me for countless weeks, months, or perhaps even years.

I spent excessive time considering the reality of such a decision and the impacts – both positive and potentially detrimental – it would have on my life.

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Now a qualified journalist, I am writing this piece while in my new position as a national reporter almost a year on.

Below is an extract I’d like to share with you from my September post last year which I think really captures how I felt after making the decision and the moments that followed when I realised it was one of the best I’d ever made.

“I have had my first week of intensive journalism training and it felt bloody fantastic!

Studying full time again has rekindled my inner wild child and more to the point, exploring journalism has put me back ‘en route’ to where I want to be headed, having lost my way for a while.

Quit my job (6)

I almost forgot what it feels like to do what you feel passionate about, focus on you and feel as though you are moving closer towards your dreams. In my case, I always knew what I wanted to do but deprived myself of it for a few years.

I had the dream, I had the ambition and I had the potential yet I pursued an alternative career I knew I would succeed in with ease. Later on, I found myself feeling uninspired and unchallenged – I was losing my mojo.

Classic fear of failure. Can anybody else relate to this? Perhaps you find yourself in a similar situation right now or have done in the past…

Quit my job (3)

Don’t suffer in silence   Don’t suffer.

If so, this post is for you now.

Yes, it was scary handing in my notice and confirming my decision to the big guys in the deliberately fanciful conference room.

Yes, there were second guesses and moments of self-doubt when the reality of not having a steady income for… who knows for how long sunk in.

And yes, I’ll miss that free coffee machine and the occasional box of Hotel Chocolate when it’s somebody’s birthday.

Quit my job (4)

Nonetheless, now that it’s done and the plaster has been fully ripped off, I know 100 per cent it was the right decision.

With the right planning and preparation, you can give yourself this same sensation.

Sadly but realistically, you must first ensure you have the means to support yourself before binning ‘the job that pays the bills.’

I worked for three years in an industry I liked but did not love and through smart saving and tenacity to stick it out, I managed to save a fair amount of cash which enabled me to go on incredible adventures, fund a journalism diploma and still have money left over for emergencies and future whimsical travel.

Quit my job (1)

It is also a good idea to have a backup plan in case of an emergency. This could simply be mum and/or dad or even you returning to the very job you chucked not too long ago –shudder – so always leave on good terms where possible. Adhere to your notice period and write a warm yet professional resignation letter, of which there are plenty of templates online.

A backup plan is never ideal, hence it being the backup. The good thing about having one is that it will give you peace of mind when you go galloping into the sunset on your unicorn in the hope you never have to use it!

Quit my job (5)

And finally, try not to procrastinate! We all do it – a great idea presents itself, we think about it… in depth, we read about it, we even imagine ourselves doing it. So why not skip all that and just do it. The quicker we get to enjoy!

You are the solution

As a millennial true to her millennial heart, time is money my friends and the most valuable currency there is.

So if you find yourself smiling and nodding along to everything I have said throughout this post, trust your instincts and go for what feels right.

If you haven’t by the way and you are miraculously still here, apologies for babbling on and thank you for humouring me in my excitement. It feels great to share this moment.

Quit my job (2)

We all know deep down what will make us happy and what will not. If we are ever confused about this, I have found from my experience this is usually because we are scared to listen to the quiet voice with the biggest dreams.

Happiness through success is a matter of who dives in to ride the wave and who prefers to take the cruise.

Of course there is no right or wrong – some may prefer happiness through other things. But I choose the wave every time ; -)  ” 

So here you have it. Wise words from a younger me as a budding journalist and it’s all the more heart-warming to read now, knowing my decision has already paid off.

I have started wandering along a new path in journalism as I continue on with all life’s other adventures.

Quit my job (7)


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